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Elderberry syrup is a nutrient dense formula that displays numerous anti-inflammatory benefits particularly related to its anthocyanin and vitamins A and C contents. Inflammation has shown to be the root of many chronic diseases, which may label elderberry as a contender against the fight against diabetes, and heart disease. It also aids in fighting colds and the flu by boosting the immune system. It also aids in managing diabetes, supports skin heath, and helps with upper respiratory conditions.


Ingredients include: Alkaline water, Elderberries, Clove bud, Ginger, Cinnamon bark, Echinacea, Vitamin C, Raw Manuka honey


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Elderberry Syrup

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  • Due to the water content in Elderberry syrup please store in the Refrigerator to increase shelf life. 1-3 Tbsp a day is reccomended and increase the dosage if you are experiencing flu like symptoms

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